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Adoption Data

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There is a strategic goal in Russia to limit international adoption and foster domestic adoption.  There is a public database with information on children available for adoption, but there is no way for prospective parents to tell where those children are.  If parents could find out how many children were available for adoption in their own town or province, it may encourage them to act to foster or adopt the children within their own communities.



An individual wishes to support the children in his community by acting as a foster parent or adoptive parent, but he does not know how to find children in his area who need homes.  





Use Case/User Story/Scenario

Adoption data could be sorted geographically and posted on a website allowing a person to input his/her address and learn of the nearest adoption agencies and their contact information as well as how many children locally are awaiting adoption.


Description and Constraints

The privacy of the children must be protected. 


Extra Credit

Provide information about the adoption process: steps, necessary forms, etc.


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