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Medical-Meteorological Alerts

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(Русский: Оповещение о влияющих на состояние здоровья метеоусловиях)



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Create a module which makes use of public data from weather agencies and merge it with public data about medical conditions that are impacted by the weather, and then use that data to map medical risks based on weather.  Focus on basic criteria, including temperature, pressure, humidity, and code that for different maladies.  For example, cardiac patients should avoid being out of doors when barometric pressure is particularly high.  Certain medical conditions are affected by extreme temperatures or humidity.  If people can go to a website and see what whether conditions exist in their area, they can plan to remain indoors if their health might be affected.  In addition, if people are able to plot the intersection of whether and medical data over time, it can help them to find the most appropriate areas to live for their health condition.  






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