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Analysis of income and assets declarations

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(Русский: Обработка деклараций о доходах и имуществе)


Proposed by: 

Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiative Transparency - Russia


Ivan Ninenko (ninenko at transparency.org.ru)

skype: transparency_ru

source code: https://github.com/alec-c4/c4c_deklarator



Create an application that will help to analyze assets and incomes declarations (IAD), published by Russian officials under anti-corruption law.  The law obliges large number of public officials to publish their declarations on-line, but it does not provide any standard form of publishing, so those IAD are published in different formats. The task is to make them machine-readable and even to create an application to operate with this dataset.


Some public official publishes his IAD for 2009, in which he declares that he does not own any property and earn only a salary, while his wife is not working at all. In the next year this official publishes, that he now owns luxury car and several apartments, while still earning only official salary. Right now tracking of such facts is very time consuming for civil society. The ability to analyze this data will help Russian civil society to fight illicit enrichment of officials.


Use Case/User Story/Scenario


Since it can be hard to solve the whole problem, so we propose to divide the task into basic and advanced parts.


Basic – user inputs the link to declaration, published on the official website. The program analyzes the data and transfers it into machine-readable format. The new file with data in machine readable format is published on the website and can be used by any user.


Advanced – application gathers all the published data and creates manageable dataset. The user enters the name of particular public official and gets all information from his declaration, including how his property and incomes has been changing during last years.




Links to the web-pages, containing  income and assets declarations of different public officials https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AvU7sN5f_pSGdEtNdVRPQlNzMjVNdXBiVWNyanhzTUE&output=html

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