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Inexpensive fire alarm system

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For Russian text see (http://code4country.pbworks.com/w/page/45712622/Общедоступная%20сеть%20пожарной%20сигнализации).

In a large number of private houses there is no fire alarm system. Every year people die and their property suffers of fire. It is suggested to create a service of automated fire report using PCs and inexpensive temperature sensors.



There is a PC/notebook in an apartment or house with USB digital thermometer attached (such thermometers are available in stores and cost $10-20). A client application of this fire report service is running on the computer. If the temperature is rising fast and is becoming dangerous (for example, up to 60C/140F deg), the warning message is shown to the display. If no one confirms warning message, warning is reported to a firefighting service. If there are additional signs of fire:

  • PC's motherboard overheat alarm
  • signal from PC is not coming to server
  • nearby apartments or houses send warnings to server
  • no answer to call from fire department to the people in the house or apartment

firefighters receive automated fire alarm and arrive to stop the fire.



  • PC and Internet connection are necessary, i.e. more appropriate for large cities
  • to prevent false alarms or hacking system needs good authorization and registration rules
  • PC running in 24/7 mode can be the source of fire by itself if installed in a wrong way
  • digital USB thermometer is necessary. Using motherboard overheat sensor as a only source may lead to the false alarms.



Critical number of users is required for system to be effective. So it is wise to start system in one large city (St.Petersburg, Russia for example) and then make it wider. System can be available for some small charge to commercial companies/small shops, which will make the system free for people.


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