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Anti-Raider App

Page history last edited by Elizabeth 9 years, 1 month ago

Proposed by The Center for Business Ethics & Corporate Governance


This app does not have to cover only those owners whose assets come under attack from professional raiders, it also includes regular people whose apartments and cottages could come under attack from knowledgeable and skillful raiders whose goal is to quickly convert someone's property into cash and move on. Hence this problem does have a dual nature: both the regular population and small and medium businesses who are vulnerable to such predatory actions and cannot get qualified help and assistance at an early stage of raiders' attack when the timing is really precious.


The amendments to the Criminal law signed by President Medvedev  July 1rst, 2010 do address some of those pressing concerns yet do not create preventive mechanisms aimed at making those attacks futile, so this crime still remains very common. At this stage an application that can provide the right tools for any owner could become extremely powerful and further curb such hostile activity.


It all starts with categories that could enable the end user to immediately start keeping track of the people involved in the attack on their property, define it better and their actions and documents presented to back up their raid. Usually the attack takes place with direct and token involvement of the law enforcement officials who could be categorized in the apps' field by their insignia, type, rank. A separate category can deal with the number of attackers, time and place. Then a category that could include witnesses, their names etc. Another category would list the documents presented to pave the way for the attack. It would be helpful if snapshots taken of the attackers could also be included as evidence, so the application or site would need to allow uploaded media. In other words, a way to guide people in the proceed of gathering information that could be quickly arranged and then sent out in the most informative form to the relevant authorities, their web site and related officials so that the publication of the information may well nip this hostile action in the bud because of the scale of public coverage.


Comments (1)

Matthew Murray said

at 11:04 pm on Sep 21, 2011

"Corporate raiding" of companies with illicit support from law enforcement officials is a significant risk of business in Russia. At the Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, we call it the "risk of success". Yet, there are many legal and business tools available to companies to prevent corporate raiding. We would like to see an app developed that would help companies counter an illegal raid in real time. Such an app would provide access to laws, regulations, documents and "how to" best practices for countering the illegal methods used by raiders. There are manys such illegal methods, including illegal inspections, forging of documents, false claims of bankruptcy or tax violations. At the same time, there are many effective tools for fighting these methods, including Russia's anti raiding law passed in July 2010. There are also NGOs taking steps to help companies combat raiding, including Business Against Corruption, which can be found at http://www.nocorruption.biz/. Thus, the app could help disseminate these tools so they could be used more widely in different circumstances.

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