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Small Business-Entrepreneur Application

Page history last edited by Elizabeth 8 years, 10 months ago

Proposed by The Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


There is a need for an application designed to help out small businessmen and entrepreneurs who would want to get contracts with other big firms or state enterprise and lack relevant information or experience to do so. This application would provide them with the categories needed to be filled out in terms of paperwork needed to lodge applications, names and addresses of the relevant people in charge of dealing with outside suppliers, legislature and normative acts that govern the process, known case studies and available know-how.


The main thing is to enable potential suppliers to get access to the decision makers to make a case for a contract or project by providing information about their own merchandise, price mechanism and other conditions and establish a feedback system. Because that way the number of rigged bids and the information about them will flow freely allowing for cleaner rules and number of participants to grow and thus help both parties in this process.


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