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Public Service Assessment Portal

Page history last edited by Elizabeth 9 years, 1 month ago

Russia has need of a Public Service Assessment Portal--a website where people can go to post their experiences dealing with Russian public services (a Yelp.com for public services).  People could share or comment on interactions with particular tax inspectors or police precincts, or with home management officials.  


In many cases where people get in contact with public services the quality is very low.  On some occasions service quality is good, but there is no information available on how to obtain the better quality services--which tax inspectors are more efficient, which precincts are most responsive?  


In addition to the basic web portal, there could also be a forum or chat and a space to post ideas about how to improve or navigate the process of seeking public services.


As an additional extension, the website could search public data based on your city or neighborhood information to gather data on who are the individuals and offices that provide public services to your area. 


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