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Regional Feedback

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Proposed by: 

 Contact: Sarah Lindemann-Komarova, ECHOSiberia@gmail.com, 8-913-999-5199, sarahkomarov (skype):

Best way and times to contact:  Anytime between 9AM-11PM my local time, I am located in western Siberia, 3 hours ahead of Moscow and 11 hours ahead of Washington DC.  E-mail and cell phone are most direct, SKYPE is best when a date and time has been agreed upon.


Download problem definition document



Create an application that will make it possible for intended beneficiaries of Presidential NGO competition projects, or any other federally funded projects to support development or provide services in the regions, to provide feedback and evaluate the quality of these projects or services among their target groups. This information would be accessible on-line to the general public as well as those responsible for identifying those conducting the projects or services and the federal government offices that are providing the funding for these projects or services.  In addition to increasing the transparency of government funded activities, it will provide information that will increase the effectiveness of government money targeted to support development or provide services in the regions.



A Moscow based NGO has received support to conduct a youth program in 5 regions.  Information about this and other projects that were selected to receive support in this federally supported competition was posted on-line and disseminated by resource and civil society support centers throughout the country.  A leading youth group in one of the targeted regions never hears anything more about the program.  The program was conducted in another one of the regions but duplicated work that was already being done better by a local organization. This would be reported and registered. and it would alert those that providing for organizations that may have benefited from the program to provide that information

Use Case/User Story/Scenario

Intended regionally based beneficiaries of this youth program could submit this information to a website directly on-line or via cell phone. This feedback would be posted and available to anyone. This would make it possible for the Moscow based organization conducting the program to provide information and/or assess why their outreach efforts were not adequate, their program duplicated an existing program or the quality of their efforts was substandard. It would alert those responsible for selecting project implementers that there were problems with the project.  Finally, it would provide information to the funding government agency about the quality of the selection process and independent feedback to help evaluate the effectiveness of the projects as well as the program as a whole.. 


Description and Constraints

The Presidential Competition to support social important projects provides an ideal opportunity to pilot the development of such an application. It will cut down on evaluation costs for those implementing the competition while increasing the amount of information they have to evaluate the projects.  It will provide the government with comparable statistics in relation to the 6 different NGOs conducting the competitions. Are their lessons learned from one that would improve the results for the others, or, is it clear that the best was to improve the effectiveness of the funding available is to de-centralize the competition to avoid large numbers of duplication or lack of information available in the targeted regions.

As mentioned, above, in order to make it possible for those in communities without Internet access to provide feedback, a cell phone based application should be available as well as direct Internet entry.  The issue of reliability of the information being submitted could be dealt with by a function that would provide the information being reported to be immediately forwarded to the organization responsible for the project or service.  This would allow them to correct the problem in a timely manner or to provide commentary on-line in response to the report.


Similar projects and Resources

There is no such resource in Russia today. It would be great to know what is available in the US for people in the states to provide feedback on federal money to support projects intended to support development or services.


What next and Sustainability

This tool will need to be hosted online and well publicized.

If the pilot is effective in generating useful information to the implementing NGOs, the NGOs responsible for conducting the competitions and the government agencies funding the competition, this model could be expanded to include other federal programs providing support to the regions.


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