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Government Contracts Status and Effectiveness

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Our goal is to enable citizens to have the visibility into government contracts execution, including project milestone effectiveness evaluations, and funds disbursement.


The problem is that citizens in various countries lack tools to assist in having visibility into project status and outcomes. The lack of such tools allows fraud and corruption to go undetected. In addition, citizens and development professionals lack these common tools to assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of projects in-flight. Consequently, specific government spending waste can go unnoticed.


Our solution enables data owners to define contract project milestones and milestone evaluation criteria. Citizens, civil society, government and business can then collaborate on the effectiveness of the project at each milestone. The application is design to be easy to implement locally, or as part of a large global collection. International localization and use on mobile platforms is also support. In addition, the application adheres to the OpenData standards.


PowerPoint Presentation


Link to code: No code due to backend issues


Project Team

John Willis, john.willis@pinfosec.com

Harsha Karin, b.harshakarin@gmail.com

Venkata Rudraraju, vrudrara@gmu.edu

Raghav Cheertroy, rpetluvu@gmu.edu

Mike Willis, miekstro@gmail.com




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