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DC Teams

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DC Teams


Accessibility Mapping     
Government Contracts Status and Effectiveness John Willis, Harsha Kiran Bonthu, Venkata Rudraraju, Raghav Cheertroy, Mike Willis
john.willis@pinfosec.com, b.harshakiran@gmail.com, vrudrara@gmu.edu, miekstro@gmail.com
DC Crime Tracker  William Peterson, Will Mecklenberg, Matt McClure, Cameron Cook, Nathaniel Waggoner 




Tax God  Bo Banducci, Alex Battaglia, Mike Whitfield
bb8905a@student.american.edu, ab3180a@student.american.edu, contact@mgwhitfield.com
OpenVote (Fraudless epolling)
Kavin Arasu, George Pittarelli, Scott DeHart, Josh Snider

karasu@gmu.edu, gjp@umd.edu, scottdehart@comcast.net, jsnider3@gmu.edu


N3 - Neighborhood Network Notifier Muneeb Akhter, C U,  Seif Kobrosly makhter@gmu.edu, c*******@gmu.edu, skobrosl@gmu.edu 
School Information  Neha Deshpande, Harsh Kininge  nehudfriend@gmail.com, harshkininge@gmail.com
Go Terps - Find My Neighborhood Chul Kwon, Kotaro Hara, Sean Pannella chulk90@gmail.com, koe.bluebear@gmail.com, spannella@gmail.com
Capital Bikeshare SMS  Harlan Yu 



Adoption Data Kerese Wright  kwright7@terpmail.umd.edu




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