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Fraudless E-Vote Project

Page history last edited by jsnider3@masonlive.gmu.edu 9 years ago

Project Summary:

Our project, OpenVote is allowed to allow communities to vote confidentially and without fraud while letting them see that their vote has been counted. Suppose the chair of the local Homeowner's Association wants to let the community vote about whether fences should be allowed. He goes to the OpenVote server and types in the email addresses of each member of the community. Each member is assigned a 256-bit user ID which is sent to them in an email informing them of the vote. Only the particular voter is allowed to know who their particular user ID was assigned to. Their user ID allows them to respond to the survey and upon submitting their encrypted vote the database disqualifies them from future voting. When all users have taken the survey or a prespecified time has elapsed, the results are released with a list showing every user ID and which option they selected.


Powerpoint Walkthrough:



Code Link:



Test Website:



Group Members:

George Pittarelli - gjp@umd.edu

Josh Snider - jsnider3@gmu.edu

Kavin Arasu - karasu@gmu.edu

Scott - scottdehart@ast.comcqast.net



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