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N3 - Neighborhood Network Notifier

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N3 - Neighborhood Network Notifier

Bringing neighbors together since 2011


     The Neighborhood Network Notifier is a software system that sets up small neighborhood networks. Messages on the network are sent and received via SMS (Cell Phone Text) messages. The system allows for information to be passed on to close neighbors. 


     Anyone may sign up for N3 through a text message sent to the system. The system currently has four types of information that can be sent through the network via mass text messaging. Namely: Jobs, Community Events, Security and General Information. When a user signs up for the system, they may choose to receive texts from one or more categories. 


     Any registered user can send messages to the entire network. They simply have to attach a tag to their message to put it in one of the categories. All users signed up to receive messages in that category will be receive the message.


     N3 uses the help of Google Maps and Google Voice APIs for finding location and sending messages respectively. Google Voice can (and should) be replaced with the purchase 5 digit SMS Shortcode.


     N3 will allow vital information to be sent to one's closest neighbors. N3 is a great tool for Neighborhood Watch programs which help deter crime. N3 is also a great tool to create jobs such as babysitting, yard work and other miscellaneous small jobs.  Finally N3 can be used to pass on General Information and Community Events to neighbors. 


     When natural disasters and other emergencies strike, we can be more prepared by being able to send information to our neighbors. During such times, electric lines might be down. N3 works entirely on cell phones and therefore is not affected immediately by power failure. 


     But what if cell phone towers are clogged with SMS messages or fail for some unknown reason? N3 has an answer. N3 also has a Web App which only sends messages. This web app is accessed via the internet. In a situation where SMS messages fail, and one still has access to the internet, vital information may still be sent via N3.


     And best of all, N3 is entirely open source and free!


The N3 Development Team:

     Muneeb Akhter     makhter@gmu.edu

     Seif Kobrosly     skobrosl@gmu.edu

     C U     cuttamsi@gmu.edu


The Source code for N3 can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/openn3/

The presentation powerpoint used at code4country (where N3 was conceived) can be found here: http://openn3.weebly.com

The N3 Web App can be found here: http://masonhacks.org/seif




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